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Teach you get the girl every time

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You know that guy who always gets the girl? The one who, despite a too-trendy haircut and serious personality deficit, never fails to boast a lady on his arm? Ever wonder what he鈥檚 got that you haven鈥檛? Well, it鈥檚 simple: knowledge. By deploying the right strategy, guided by psychology and circumstance rather than emotional impulse, you can bag the woman you want every time. MH鈥檚 top dating experts reveal how.

Seduce… the best friend
You鈥檝e been close for ages and, although it鈥檚 certainly crossed your mind a few times, you鈥檝e never felt the urge to break free from the friend zone. Until now…

Lay the groundwork First off, no fawning. 鈥淭reat her like your other mates: don鈥檛 text back straight away, don鈥檛 always be available, cut out the lingering hugs and don鈥檛 compliment her all the time,鈥 advises Richard La Ruina, CEO of PUA Training. She wants a man, not a lapdog. Next, make a point of talking about and checking out other women while she鈥檚 around. 鈥淭his shows you are a sexual being and encourages her to ask herself, 鈥榃hy not me?鈥欌 says La Ruina. The perfect state of mind for that surprise date request.

Take her鈥 Somewhere explicitly romantic. 鈥淢aking the transition from friend to girlfriend is very hard, so you need something that鈥檚 game-changing,鈥 says Ian Kerner, author of DSI: Date Scene Investigation. Think flowers. Think candlelit dinner. Think the most intimate table at the most prestigious local restaurant. You need to hammer home the fact that this is anything but two friends hanging out.

Seal the deal For a second date, go for the classic scary film 鈥 or even a theme park. 鈥淎drenaline-packed dates can produce the same chemical reactions in the body as falling in love,鈥 says dating coach James Preece. Flirt heavily and don鈥檛 be afraid to go in for the kiss. 鈥淚f you don鈥檛 take the risk you鈥檒l only ever be friends anyway,鈥 adds Preece.

Seduce… the wallflower
You鈥檝e noticed her around. You find her very attractive. If only she鈥檇 drag her eyes from the floor when speaking she鈥檇 be even more of a catch鈥

Lay the groundwork Slowly slowly getty girly. 鈥淭he secret here is patience and time,鈥 says La Ruina. Make a real effort to have long conversations in which you attempt to get to know and connect with her. Then, once you鈥檝e built up a bond, give her a peck on the cheek in greeting, or put your arm around her when you cross the road. 鈥淪he might not jump on you, but the fact that she is comfortable with you doing these things should be enough of a green light,鈥 says La Ruina.

Take her鈥 Somewhere the spotlight won鈥檛 be on her. 鈥淵ou want a place where you can stroll with lots of eye contact and talk about something other than yourselves,鈥 says Kerner. A museum, art gallery, or even the zoo are all good bets, as there鈥檚 little chance of the conversation running dry.

Seal the deal She might take a few dates to open up, so be patient. Don鈥檛 stop smiling, since she鈥檒l likely be nervous, and continue your assault of enquiry about every aspect of her life. 鈥淭ake charge of the date and let her know you are genuinely interested in everything she has to say,鈥 says Preece. Things proceeding nicely? 鈥淐an I kiss you?鈥 is a clich茅d but near unbeatable line 鈥 and never better deployed than with a lady who needs bringing out of her shell.

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