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List :10 dating mistakes

1. A failure of reconnaissance
The mistake Heading to a steakhouse when she鈥檚 a vegetarian, a rock gig when she鈥檚 a jazz aficionado, or to watch Black Swan when she prefers her films devoid of psychosexual breakdowns.
2. Rejecting responsibility
The mistake Letting her organise the first date.

The fallout 鈥淵ou might think you鈥檙e being a gentleman asking what she’d be happy doing, but you’ll just look like a wimp,鈥 says dating coach James Preece. She wants a man who knows how to take control.
3. Appearance apathy
The mistake Believing that vintage T-shirt and elegantly distressed pair of jeans lend you an air of charming nonchalance.

The fallout Your attire suggests you鈥檙e not that bothered about the date. This will be her first thought upon seeing you and an overriding worry throughout. Not a great start, frankly.

4. Phoniness
The mistake Checking your mobile, texting, or 鈥 worst of all 鈥 taking a call.

5. Monologuing
The mistake She seems really interested, and it鈥檚 nice to have a captive audience without being required to talk about new clients or your latest sales pitch. And, really, you actually are an extremely interesting person. No wonder she鈥檚 not bored.

6. The ex factor
The mistake Raking over the coals of old flames. Perhaps you think talking about past girlfriends makes you seem winningly mature. Perhaps you鈥檙e not over her yet and want to vent. Either way: bad move.

7. Keeping things tight
The mistake She had her purse out in a flash and, well, you are a bit strapped at the moment. Besides, what could be more romantic than going Dutch?

Your move 鈥淭ell her you’re happy to pay and she can do so down the line,鈥 advises Kerner. This advertises your generosity with no danger of appearing overbearing or patronising.

8. Kiss chase
The mistake Hovering as you part after having had a great time 鈥 head angled, breath minty fresh, lips wetted. Then bottling it.

9. Short circuit sex
The mistake It is possible for things to go too well. 鈥淟ust needs to blossom into romantic love and sometimes that neurochemical process can be short-circuited by sex that happens too quickly,鈥 says Kerner.

10. Post-date problems
The mistake Gleaning your dating etiquette from old sitcoms and films. It鈥檚 the 21st century. Leaving it three days to contact her is a thing of the past.


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