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Let us Reboot your relationship

University of California studies have shown that just one hour of exercise for a woman, three times a week, makes for more sex, stronger orgasms and a closer relationship. Plus, research published in Scientific American found the best way to jump-start those neurotransmitters is with physical exercise. This not only boosts her epinephrine and norepinephrine, but also increases blood flow to her genitals, making her orgasms easier and more frequent.

Can’t persuade her to join the gym? Plan B is to spank her. According to scientists at Northern Illinois University, women get a jolt of testosterone when they are spanked: it’s the body’s way of coping with the 鈥榮tress’. Just be sure to ask her first: the testosterone rush isn’t as great from a slap in the face.

The average couple have sex more than 3,000 times during their relationship. If you don’t shake up your routine she’ll find her orgasms are less intense and harder to come by. Edging Sophie Kinsella above you in the bedtime pecking order.

Not with the MILF next door, with your partner. “At the start of a relationship, sex is going to be very hit and miss, but later, you think you’re supposed to know what you’re doing 鈥 and most men are afraid of looking stupid,” says sex and relationship counsellor Tracey Cox, author of Sextasy. However, unlike the early days, you’re comfortable enough to ask more detailed questions (‘Faster or slower?’ ‘Right or left?’) to which she can give one-word responses. You’ll be sure to hit the spot…

According to a survey of 1,000 women by Women’s Health magazine, during their first 12 months together, 68% of couples talk after sex. But after that first anniversary, only a third bother. “You may think you know everything about your partner after a few years, but that’s not true,” says Dr Noelle Nelson, author of Your Man Is Wonderful. “People grow and change throughout their lives. When you lose interest in finding out what makes her tick, she’ll lose interest in you.”

“Take advantage of her post-coital, semi-sleepy state by asking some 鈥楬ave you ever…?’ questions,” says Tracey Cox. Don’t worry if you’ve asked her before, her answers will change over time as she gets more sexually confident. Make sure to mix romance and sex into the same question. “Save the really rude requests for when she’s fully aroused.” And preferably under a full moon/naked on a beach/tied up…



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