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How to weight loss aids ?

Find new foods
Try eating such things as quinoa, goji berries and couscous. The latter in particular is a great fat-burning friend, says dietician Juliette Kellow. “Couscous provides a great way to bulk up dishes: it has little fat, no cholesterol and is rich in Vitamin A – as well as a source of potassium.” To add extra flavour try sprinkling in almonds and pine nuts.

Go further with Fartlek
“Fartlek involves jogging for 1min 30 seconds followed by running hard for 30 seconds, and decreasing the recovery jog by 15 seconds each time. Bud Baldaro, running coach with the Great Britain cross-country team explains that you don’t need a treadmill to reap the rewards of this Fartlek-style running. “Simply pick a landmark – for example a tree, lamp-post, or phone box – and run to it hard, then jog for a few seconds until you’ve recovered,” says Bud. “Then pick another landmark and so on.” This random approach tricks your metabolism into working harder, and actually burns more fat then just running at a continuous pace.

Put the kettle on
Have a cup of coffee after training when you don’t fancy water. “While water doesn’t directly help with weight loss, it doesn’t contribute to weight gain either,” says Dr David Katz, director of the Prevention Research Centre at Yale University School of Medicine. “Coffee however, without sugar, not only contains no calories but the caffeine adds a modest calorie-burning boost to your metabolism.”

Put rest to work
Aim to get 8.5 hours’ sleep every night to stop yourself from snacking. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that students restricted to just 5.5 hours of sleep ate significantly larger amounts of high-carb snacks during their waking hours than those sleeping for 8.5 hours a night. Basically, when it comes to weight, you snooze – you lose.

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