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Are you having enough sex?

Do the math

F = Frequency How many times do you have sex per year? (The Kinsey Institute reports that men aged 30-39 have sex 86 times per year.)
S = Safety At what level of 鈥渟afety鈥 is your internet search browser set? (Enter 0 for 鈥渟trict鈥, 1 for 鈥渕oderate鈥 and 2 for 鈥渙ff鈥.)
H = History How disturbed would you be to find your girlfriend sifting through your search history? (Scale of 1-10 with 5 being 鈥渕oderately鈥 and 10 being 鈥渕oving to Orkney鈥.)
B = Bikini How aroused are you by an attractive woman in swimwear? (1-10 with 1 being 鈥渂ut she鈥檚 dressed鈥 and 10 being 鈥渋t鈥檚 like I鈥檓 13 and Ursula Andress has just come out of the sea鈥.)
C = Corrr Of every 10 women aged 18-50 who you pass on the street, how many will you covertly check out? (0-10.)
I = Images When hoping to learn more about a female celebrity, do you just web search for text, or do you search for images, too? (If yes, enter 2. If no, enter 1.)
The results

Sexualisation ratio = <1 You are not having enough actual sex. Turn the world off, hit the lights and rediscover what鈥檚 great about good ol鈥 being bad. if you鈥檙e below 0.01, seek help.
Sexualisation ratio = 1 You are currently enjoying the perfect sexual balance. you enjoy the sexualisation around you but like putting those feelings into practise just as much and just as often.
Sexualisation ratio = >1 You鈥檙e having more sex than you need. Don鈥檛 knock it because it might not last. Keep going and be nice to the 0.01 guys. They need a lift, after all.

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